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Nerium Japan Launch

Nerium Japan | July 19, 2016

Nerium Japan Video

Order Your Application Kit Now! Call (805) 256-0139
The official launch of Japan is fast approaching!  Per Japanese law,  you must have an Application Kit.  On each Application Kit, you’ll find a unique number, called the Gayoshomen number, that must be entered on the paper application or online.

Why Join Nerium in Japan?

Nerium Expands into Asia with Massive Momentum

  • Over ¥4.1B sales revenue in first 45 days in Korea

Be the first to climb the mountain of success with Nerium Japan! 

  • Be a pioneer with a proven business
  • Ground floor Nerium Business opportunity in Japan
  • Prepare now for Nerium launch day success
  • Nerium creates innovative products backed by real science
  • Nerium provides a global business opportunity that changes the lives of real people

Nerium Japan Nerium International is comprised of a broad team of professionals. Nerium International Japan has over 150+ years of combined experience in network marketing. We are passionate about empowering our Brand Partners to achieve success.

Nerium Is Set Up For Success In Japan

  • General Manager and core employees hired a full year before launch
  • Opening with a full office and Brand Center
  • In-House Customer Support call center

Why Nerium Network Marketing In Japan?

  • $182B industry*
  • Japan is the 3rd largest market*
  • 86M global distributors*
  • Word of mouth
  • Significant earning potential
  • No boss and no employees
  • Create leverage

Nerium Offers 14 Different Ways to Earn – Get Paid up to 5 times per month!

  1. Retail Profits – Earn the difference between retail and auto­-delivery prices for customer purchases
  2. Personal Customer Commissions – Earn between 10-­25% of personal customer orders each month
  3. Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CAB) – Receive bonuses on all newly enrolled Preferred Customers
  4. CAB Differentials – Earn the CAB difference when someone on your team enrolls a new Preferred Customer
  5. Pack Bonuses –  Earn Pack Bonuses on all packs sold to new Brand Partners upon enrollment
  6. Pack Differential Bonuses – Earn the difference in Pack Bonuses when someone on your team enrolls a new Brand Partner
  7. Fast Start Bonus
  8. Director 60 Bonus: iPad, Product or Cash
  9. Senior Director Bonus: Lexus Car Bonus
  10. Coaching Commissions – Earn up to 10% matching bonus on the earnings of each personally enrolled Brand Partner
  11. Team Commissions
  12. Leadership Development Bonuses – Rank advance to 1­-Star National Marketing Director or above and earn up to 3% extra on your commissionable volume
  13. Live Better Bonuses – Rank advance to National Marketing Director or above and qualify to earn a Live Better Bonus between ¥6,750,000 – ¥202,500,000
  14. Luxury Incentive Trips

Nerium Japan Gives Back   Nerium Gives Back allows you to earn points to redeem for replacement inventory. Acquire loyal Preferred Customers and Brand Partners to earn NGB Rewards Points for Nerium products. Nerium Japan Long Term Income

Nerium Japan Getting Started

Nerium Japan Pick a Pack

Nerium Has A Proven System in Place – Success with Nerium is based on following a duplicable system.

Nerium offers a simple way to build a business with resources and training like:

  • Success Planner and training audios
  • Weekly global training and a virtual training system
  • Nerium EDGE technology suite including:  Lead and Capture pages, Nerium University, Nerium Go Show (Phone Applications), Nerium Communication Center, Nerium Go Social Applications, along with Nerium Online Training.

The Nerium Buzz

The word is out! Nerium products continue to catch the attention of high­-profile magazines! Nerium Japan Nerium Stands Above the Rest   INerium Japan Inc 500nc. 500 Magazine:

    • Ranked #1 in Consumer Products and Services
    • Ranked #12 overall
    • Highest growth for all direct sales companies

Nerium Japan Ranks 12

Nerium offers a complete set of products that help you reflect your youth. Nerium Japan Products Nerium Age-Essential™ Night and Day Creams, Optimera+™ Formula Helps address multiple concerns at once, including:

  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines from dryness*
  • Adds moisture to the skin
  • Improves the appearance of even skin tone
  • Protects the skin from environmental aggressors

Nerium Body Couture Cream™, Optimera™ Formula Helps address appearance of multiple concerns at once, including:

  • Smooths and tightens skin for a more toned appearance
  • Works to add firmness to skin
  • Provides moisture to your skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated

Nerium’s Real Science Nerium Japan Science

  • Innovative breakthroughs in age-caring* products
  • Based on years of research
  • Powered by unique technology

Nerium Japan Biosciences Signum Biosciences is developing new technologies and extracts to be distributed exclusively through Nerium International Our Unique Ingredients Nerium Japan SIG 1273SIG­1273®

  • Developed after 20 years of biotech research
  • Proprietary molecule with many age-­caring* properties
  • Targets the visible signs of skin troubles and age

Nerium Japan Product Prices Nerium Japan Free Product

If you are a US, Canadian, Korean or Mexican Citizen you can sign up now and start building your Nerium Business today!

Nerium Japan Opportunity

For more information Call Now 805-256-0139