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NeriumFirm Body Contouring Cream

Nerium International, saw one of the most successful skincare launches in history with NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment. Now Nerium has introduced a body contouring cream with the same kind of high-impact ingredients. Everyone has problem areas that can make them feel a little insecure, but the proven results of NeriumFirm Body Contouring Cream can boost your confidence beautifully.

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NeriumFirm Real Results – Real Value

A Doctor, owner and Medical Director of a Medical Spa in Southern California, where they specialize in cellulite reduction talks about NeriumFirm:

“I want to talk a little about the treatments we do in our spa, not to promote, but to tie into the NeriumFirm. There are two procedures currently being used at our spa for cellulite treatment. The first treatment is “Fat Freezing” and the other is “Venus”. Venus is according to the American Health and Beauty Institute, the No. 1 non-surgical radio frequency treatment for cellulite. The machine costs is about $90,000. Patient’s fees are around $2500 for 6 treatments.

The way ‘Venus’ works is that it basically helps rebuild the collagen that has been broken down and causes the dimpling and cellulite. The reason that I am telling you this, is that we are seeing results from the NeriumFirm that are as good or even better that what we see with ‘Venus’ and I own the machine.

So a bottle of NeriumFirm that wholesales at $70 and retails at $98 does, in my opinion, even better than the treatments that we are doing with the ‘Venus’ which cost $2500. That’s why I am over the top excited about NeriumFirm and the results we are seeing in just 2 to 3 weeks. This product is not just another cream or wrap, NeriumFirm is REAL.”
Medical Director,
MedSpa Owner Specializing in Cellulite Reduction