NAE-8 Extract

NAE-8™ (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Nerium Oleander)

NAE-8 Extract, combines the properties of Nerium oleander and aloe vera to create the unique and ever expanding new Nerium skincare product line. Nerium’s formulations utilize a unique extraction process called NBio-PL. The result of this patented extraction process is NAE-8.

Nerium oleander plant must be grown before the botanical extract NAE-8 can be obtained.

Nerium International controls all aspects of the NAE-8 production, from where the plants are grown in environmentally friendly fields to the facilities where the extraction and production process take place.

The patented ingredient NAE-8® provides the formulation for the development of the “first of its kind” Nerium Ad age-defying night cream.

Nerium International is first-in-their-class with botanical skincare products with incomparable effectiveness.

Nerium AD is an amazing skin-soothing and age-defying product. Nerium AD is created utilizing a breakthrough patented technology NBio-PL² ™ (Nerium Biotechnology – Plant to Plant) process that combines the unique beneficial properties of the Nerium oleander plant with the well-known beneficial properties of Aloe Vera.

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