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Optimera-Day-NightNerium Optimera the Nerium International product line is here! Nerium is proud to introduce Optimera Night Cream and Optimera Day Cream to the world. Optimera is now available in Canada and Mexico. The Nerium International Expansion into Korea is scheduled for early 2015.

Nerium International offers a 30 Day Money-Back satisfaction guarantee on all Optimera Products. Contact Us (805) 888-5225

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Nerium Optimera Night & Optimera Day Combo Pack:  $140.00 
Experience Optimera night and day difference with the ultimate skincare system: Optimera Night Cream and Optimera Day Cream. Get all the benefits of both products in one package! 
Regular Retail Value:  $190.00 Save $50.00

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Nerium Optimera Night Cream

Nerium Optimera Night Cream:    $90.00
Optimera Night Cream is a clinically proven formula that reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discolouration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and aging or loose skin.
Regular Retail Value:  $120.00 Save $30.00

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Optimera Night Cream 2-Pack:    $162.00
Receive two bottles of the Optimera Night Cream
Regular Retail Value:  $240.00  Save $78.00

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Nerium Optimera products are built upon real science, not marketing concepts.The Nerium Product Development Team has been working on building cutting-edge, anti-aging products and will always focus on bringing science-based products that work to the consumer. Nerium Optimera was built to meet international regulatory requirements in preparation for the Nerium Global Expansion.

The Nerium Optimera product line has the same commitment from Nerium, promising to market Nerium products that are based upon real science that bring real results! Optimera works perfectly with the Nerium product philosophy. Nerium International is committed to research and product development that’s based on science and proven by clinical testing.

What can Nerium Optimera do for you and your skin?


Now, you can reflect your youth with the Optimera skincare line.

Optimera dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores and aging or loose skin. Optimera has been clinically proven to significantly reduce the signs of aging. Optimera improves the radiance, elasticity, and smooth appearance of the skin. Optimera Clinical trials show that 93% of participants had improvement in the appearance of their wrinkles and 97% had an improvement in their radiance.

Optimera is botanically based. Nerium products are created with only the best natural botanicals to produce the high-impact proven results that help skin appear firm and youthful without any harsh ingredients.

Optimera Night Cream and Optimera Day Cream both include the exclusive and patent-pending SAL-14 extract with a cutting-edge plant cell duplication technology. The SAL-14 extract is a synergistic combination of  botanicals, including Bidens Pilosa, which was organically harvested in Brazil.


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