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NAE-8 Extract

NAE-8™ (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Nerium Oleander)

NAE-8 Extract, combines the properties of Nerium oleander and aloe vera to create the unique and ever expanding new Nerium skincare product line. Nerium’s formulations utilize a unique extraction process called NBio-PL. The result of this patented extraction process is NAE-8.

Nerium oleander plant must be grown before the botanical extract NAE-8 can be obtained.

Nerium International controls all aspects of the NAE-8 production, from where the plants are grown in environmentally friendly fields to the facilities where the extraction and production process take place.

The patented ingredient NAE-8® provides the formulation for the development of the “first of its kind” Nerium Ad age-defying night cream.

Nerium International is first-in-their-class with botanical skincare products with incomparable effectiveness.

Nerium AD is an amazing skin-soothing and age-defying product. Nerium AD is created utilizing a breakthrough patented technology NBio-PL² ™ (Nerium Biotechnology – Plant to Plant) process that combines the unique beneficial properties of the Nerium oleander plant with the well-known beneficial properties of Aloe Vera.

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NeriumFirm Released

Nerium International is excited about the customer response to the long awaited release of the NeriumFirm body contouring cream. NeriumFirm is the only product on the market to utilize the unique trademarked NAE-8 extract. The powerful formula reduces the appearance of cellulite and dimpling and helps smooth, tighten and firm the look of loose skin. NeriumFirm also gives you a younger, beautifully shaped tone look.

What Makes NeriumFirm So Great?

Firming Body Cream NeriumAD

Along with the NAE-8 extract, Nerium added five other key components in NeriumFirm: a peptide matrix, caffeine, white willow bark extract, green tea, and forskohili extract. Let NeriumFirm help you increase your body confidence!

It’s also worth noting what ingredients NeriumFirm doesn’t contain. We’re extremely pleased that our latest product does not contain parabens, gluten, propylene glycol, sulfates, DEA, synthetic colors or phthalates. Nerium International wants you to feel good about looking great!

Real Results for Your Whole Body

NeriumFirm provided 92% of participants with real results on their thighs after only 28 days of use in the clinical trials, 92% of the participants also revealed increase in skin hydration, and 83% reported improvement in the overall appearance of skin smoothness and cellulite.

What part of your body will you put first with NeriumFirm Body Contouring Cream? Where will you apply first, love handles, stomach, thighs to they all need some attention? What about your arms, we all lose skin firmness with ageing. We all have our problem areas. NeriumFirm will help you love your body again!

NeriumFirm is available now for only $90 with our auto-delivery option. Regular retail is $120. For a limited time, we’re offering NeriumFirm promo packs. Order today and get back that tuned body look again. The NeriumFirm is available in a 200ml / 6.7oz  tube.

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